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Water Damage Restoration Services in Silver Spring, MD

Water damage is more common than you think in both residential and commercial properties. It can be caused by simple leaks, burst pipes, or flooding. When these issues are left untreated, it can potentially cause more significant destruction to property and health, which is why it is vital to call a water damage repair service immediately.

Water Damage Restoration Process

The first thing you need to know out about home damage repair services is the different categories of water damage. The category of water damage will decide what actions will need to be taken during the restoration. According to the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration, there are three major classifications of water damage.

These categories break down the water's point of origin, water quality once it is in contact with the material on the damaged area, and the quality of water after some time or levels of temperature in the damage site. Knowing what category your water damage is will give you an idea of the cost to repair water damage.

Here are the three classifications:

  • Category 1
    Category 1 is also known as clean water damage. It does not necessarily pose a grave health threat when it comes into contact with human skin. The common source of this water damage is sink or tub overflows, broken pipes, rainwater, broken toilet tanks, etc.
  • Category 2
    The source of water from category 2 has a significant risk for contamination due to high levels of chemicals, biological matters, and microorganisms. The common cause of the water in this damage are a broken aquarium, toilet overflow with urine, and basement flooding.
  • Category 3
    The water sources in category three are considered to be high risk for contamination because they usually contain toxic agents, fungi, bacteria, and harmful pathogens. Familiar sources of these water are from toilet backflow with feces, sewage water, and floodwater.

Water Mitigation

When water damage occurs, the worst thing you can do is do nothing. Mitigation is essential to prevent incurring more damage and water damage repair cost. To do that, here are some things that you can do:

  • Check for Health Hazards
    While waiting for our home damage repair service to come, check whether the water damage poses a health risk to you and those within the premises. If you think that the water damage on your property belongs to category three, it is best to vacate the premises as soon as possible to avoid contaminants.
  • Try to Stop the Flow of Water
    If you have a category 1 or 2, the best thing you could do while waiting for the professionals to come is to do some water damage cleaning. If the water is flowing, find a way to divert its flow to the outside of the property. If the source of the water is internal, like from a leaky pipe or toilet tank, turn off the water at the main turnoff for the property.
  • Improve Airflow and Ventilation
    It is also essential to increase the airflow to the area of water damage so that it does not stink, and harmful chemicals are neutralized.
  • Chronicle the Damage
    Although this is not exactly going to help mitigate the water damage in your property, documenting the damage will help you make the process of filing for an insurance claim easier. Remember to take pictures when possible and make a list of the property that was damaged.

Water Damage Cleanup

We offer the following cleaning and restoration services in addition to water damage repair services:

  • Water damaged carpet cleaning
  • Flood damage clean up

It is essential not only to repair, but you also have to make sure to clean up the water damage afterward to prevent unwanted harmful organisms from thriving in the repaired areas. This type of scenario is reasonably common on water damaged carpets.

Water damage to carpets can be quite challenging to handle on your own, but with our services, we make sure that it will be safe and good as new for you to use. We also do professional mold testing and mold remediation services, which are a common need for water damaged carpet and after disaster damage restoration, water damaged ceiling and storm and flood damage repair. For all of these tasks, we have partnered with Flood Damage Pro - water damage restoration specialists. They excel at widespread damage situations, as well as smaller restoration projects.

Dealing With Water Damage the Right Way

Water damage restoration is necessary after your property sustains damage in a leak or other intrusion of water. Call 301-768-4503 and leave repairing water damage to professionals with years of experience in the field.

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