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Rug Cleaning in Silver Spring

When beautiful, well-treated area rugs grace your interiors, you feel proud and comfortable to relax even around guests who come to visit. Your indoor air quality becomes good and your home is a safe place to breathe. However, when your rugs look anything but attractive and luxuriant and are emitting a distinct bad odor, your need for a professional rug cleaning becomes urgent. Well, don't wait for your rug to reach this point because Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Silver Spring is at your service always especially if you live around Silver Spring area in Maryland.

Why Choose Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Silver Spring

We are a professional rug cleaning business that has for years diligently serviced the residents of Silver Spring. We fully understand that your rugs are important to you which is why as the best rug cleaning service in Silver Spring we have invested in advanced cleaning equipment and professional and certified staff to ensure the best results every time you entrust us with your rug for cleaning.

More reasons why you should choose us are as follows:

  • We always conduct a thorough evaluation before we begin our rug cleaning process.
  • Our cleaning solutions are eco-friendly to ensure your safety and that of the environment.
  • Our prices are affordable and we always give a free estimate beforehand to all our customers.
  • We can effectively clean all kinds of rugs because we always have a specialized rug cleaning solution for each type.
  • We are strict professionals who observe time and will always respect deadlines.
  • We are available 7 days a week making it convenient for you to have your rug cleaned any day you wish.
  • We always ensure customer satisfaction because we value your feedback and will always strive to give the best service.
  • We also offer other services such as mold removal and mold inspection. Mold testing and inspection should be carried out for property once a year – not to start the fungus problem.

Our Rug Cleaning Process

As an area rug cleaning service, we have a process in place which is the best way to clean a rug professionally. Here are the steps:

  1. Pre-inspection: After we pickup your rug we conduct a thorough inspection where we look out for tears, holes, pet stains, dye fade, abrasions and any special areas that might require attention. We must also conduct a color fastness test at this stage to prevent any bleeding dyes during cleaning.
  2. Removal of dry soil: We must carry out this important step where loose soil, dust mites, allergens and grit are gently removed. With the dirt removed, the indoor air quality improves a lot once you get your rug back. This process is also important because the rug fibers are preserved for longer and will not wear out because of the dirt and soil presence.
  3. Pre-conditioning & spotting: At this stage, all the spots in your rug are pre-treated to ease the stain removal process and make it effective. The fringes too are pre-treated for an effective end result.
  4. The scrubbing: The scrubbing must occur after a special shampoo with a balanced ph. is applied to protect the rug fibers and enhance the cleaning effectiveness.
  5. Further washing and rinsing: Your rug must be put on a washer with a special detergent solution that will further rid the rug of any dirt particles. A thorough water rinse follows and excess water is removed afterward.
  6. Controlled drying: We have a modern heat and humidity controlled area that will dry your rug by allowing controlled drying that will in the process preserve your rug's durability.
  7. Final inspection: This is the last step where our trained inspectors will ensure that the highest cleaning standards have been met. In case of any issues the rug will have to undergo a cleaning process again until satisfactory results are achieved.
  8. Delivery: We deliver the rug back to your property, ready to be unrolled and placed.

Join Our Satisfied Customers

We understand that we are professionals who must deliver the best rug cleaning Silver Spring, Maryland services. When you search for rug cleaning near me, ensure that you choose us for all your rug cleaning needs. As you have seen, we are thorough in our work and always want to satisfy our clients.


Rug Cleaning FAQ

Why Use Offsite Rug Cleaning Services in Silver Spring, MD?

Rugs bear a lot of traffic, thus they quickly get dirty. You must make use of timely rug cleaning services to keep them clean and free of dirt. If your rug is in a poor state, it is better to opt for offsite rug cleaning. Our rug cleaners pick up the rug from your home, clean it thoroughly at your facility and return it to you after the job is complete. It saves you from all kinds of troubles, and you don't have to make any arrangements in your home. Furthermore, it is safe and affordable. Someone who wants their rugs to be cleaned in depth should go for offsite cleaning.

Will Professional Rug Cleaning Help to Remove Stains?

A professional rug cleaning in Silver Spring can help you in removing tough stains from your rugs. No matter how old or massive a stain might be, professional cleaners have the right tools and chemicals to get rid of it. They use several techniques such as shampooing and deep cleaning to solve the issue. Once they treat your rugs, you won't find any dirt, dust, or stains on them. Moreover, professional cleaning allows your rug to look as good as when it was originally bought. So don't hesitate before booking our services.


After knowing what you now know about us, take it further and try our superb rug cleaning services. Call Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Silver Spring at 301-768-4503 and get a free estimate then schedule your rug cleaning with the help of our friendly staff.

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