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Mold Inspection & Testing Silver Spring MD

Mold is among the most ubiquitous problems in a household. Regardless of the size of your home, the areas with visible mold growth may have hundreds of spores. That means mold can be everywhere. Whether or not you're a savvy homeowner, mold testing or mold clean up is mandatory.

Homeowners can expect airborne mold (invisible) anywhere in the house. Know that spotting invisible mold without seeking professional help isn't possible. That makes mold growth a common yet invisible problem.

Professionals such as Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Silver Spring use various techniques for mold testing, including non-intrusive visual inspection and intrusive methods. The experts use air probe testing, swabs and tapes for mold testing.

Mold Hides in Your Home

If you're suspicious about mold growth that has no visual confirmation, you can opt for mold inspection service. The experts may use intrusive methods to spot mold contamination in your home.

Our experts at Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Silver Spring ensure that all our clients know the difference between mold inspection and mold testing. Mold inspection helps you find mold and areas of increased moisture where mold may be growing concealed from view. Mold testing is for documenting the presence of a mold problem indoors, whether you can see it or not.

With our mold inspection services you can spot mold growth in your home. Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Silver Spring offers you complete assistance for screening and thorough inspection of mold in your house.

Don't worry about the questions like "mold testing near me"; reach out to our mold damage specialists.

Why Choose Us to Check Your Property for Mold?

We take pride in offering the best mold inspection services in Silver Spring. We understand how important it is to keep a dwelling completely mold-free for a healthy environment. That is why Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Silver Spring only works with trained and experienced mold testing professionals to provide homeowners with the highest quality indoor/outdoor mold testing service.

We keep our promises when it comes to helping our clients get rid of mold. We make future mold removal a breeze with our comprehensive and expert testing. Our mold testing pros look for microscopic fungi inside walls and within building areas.

To ensure the best results, we inspect the areas where you can't expect mold growth. It is because we know severe mold growth is not only hazardous to your health but also for your home's structure. We strive for customer satisfaction, which keeps us focused on achieving the best results from mold testing and inspection.

Our experts perform a meticulous inspection of your home to find invisible mold in unexpected areas. Air and surface testing for mold remediation is one of our fortes. The skilled technicians at Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Silver Spring have years of experience in mold testing and inspection.

Eliminate the malicious organisms using our advanced and professional mold testing and inspection services!

We have services like:

Mold Testing

If you tend to spend a significant amount of your time living indoors, the air quality may directly impact your health. We recommend professional mold testing to spot the organic surfaces with moisture and dampness to support growth.

As mold growth is higher in darker areas as they are exposed to dampness on a regular basis, our professional mold testing service can help you detect the traces of invisible and visible mold in the house.

We use a combination of advanced techniques and equipment that includes sampling and laboratory analysis to find the species and the extent of damage they have caused.

Note that mold spores are present in every building and tend to travel through tiny ducts. Through sampling, we can guide you on whether you need to follow up with mold remediation and how to take care of the mold problem.

Don't let mold growth take a toll on you. Contact us to get professional mold testing done.

Mold Inspection in Silver Spring, MD

If you're at risk for poisonous mold exposure, you need a professional mold inspection. As mold screening specialists, we know that finding mold can require more than basic techniques. That is why we use effective and high-tech equipment for a mold inspection.

Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Silver Spring stands out from the rest due to its building experts who use only professional methods to conduct a comprehensive inspection. They understand mold is a severe problem, and inspection is essential to save a building from costly repairs.

Big buildings especially have complex systems. Because the buildings have different dynamics in terms of structure, only professional mold inspection experts can find moisture and significant leakage areas.

Our mold inspection maestros have extensive knowledge and skills to find hidden mold issues. No matter what size of building you want an inspection for, they can help you specify the mold cleanup work needed.

We take building investigations, air quality concerns, gases and allergens into account when recommending the proper mold removal method to you. Mold damage specialists at Silver Spring assess building for possible signs of moisture, bio-aerosols, and allergenic/toxic mold.

Make the most of our building structures understanding and let our experts examine your entire building structure to find the mold.

Dangerous Health Effects of Mold

If you think overlooking the signs of mold growth in your home will not affect your health, you're mistaken.

Here are some effects mold can have on you and your loved ones.

  • Itchy Eyes and Stuffy Nose. Molds produce many types of allergens and irritants. If you inhale or touch mold spores, it may cause allergies. It is especially true if you have sensitive skin. Allergic responses may include sneezing, hay fever, runny nose, skin rash, and red eyes.
  • Asthma. One of the potential health effects mold exposures may have on people is asthma and respiratory complaint. If you're genetically susceptible to catching allergens, mold may be detrimental to your lungs.

Mold Testing & Inspection Cost


Mold inspection and testing is the best way to avoid costly repairs down the road. It's also important for identifying issues before they become a major problem, which can save you time and money in the long run!

Mold inspection in Silver Spring $149
Mold testing in Silver Spring $395
Any additional sample for mold testing $95
Moisture issues detection with thermal imaging camera $129


Call us for Mold Testing and Inspection!

Mold affects your home's structure and your family's health. If you smell the musty odor or catch allergies frequently, these can be the signs of mold presence. Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Silver Spring is here to help you determine how to get rid of mold with its professional mold testing and inspection services.

Identify the mold growth areas in your house by getting in touch with us. Call us at 301-768-4503 to find out more about our expert Mold Testing and Inspection Services.

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