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Mold Removal and Remediation in Silver Spring, MD

If you had to deal with mold, you understand how frustrating of an ordeal it is. Homeowners or commercial property owners can call professional mold removal services to help them out. That is because dealing with mold requires caution.

The first stage of eradicating mold from your property is mold testing or inspection. That step identifies the level of infestation and type of mold, making it easy to apply the appropriate mold remediation method. If you are concerned about mold or suspect it is a problem, don't wait. Contact Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Silver Spring and our mold specialist will help you to get rid of mold.

Why Do You Need Professional Mold Remediation Services?

As mentioned, mold remediation requires precaution because are microscopic. Mold spores can travel on the air and spread into other rooms. That's what makes mold eradication a challenge that only professionals should handle.

Here's why you should consider professional mold cleaning services:

  • Complete mold eradication
  • Safety is guaranteed
  • Use of eco-friendly chemicals
  • No further damage to the property
  • Expert advice on how to prevent future mold occurrence
  • Reliable and affordable services

How Do Professional Mold Cleaning Services Work?

Professionals have developed a standard operating procedure for handling any mold remediation task. Provided you have a mold inspection report, eliminating them from your property will not be a big deal for mold specialists.

Generally, our experts use the following mold removal process to get rid of mold on any property:

Outlining Mold Remediation Procedure

This step makes our team familiarize themselves with the situation at hand. Every mold remediation job must be personalized to the situation at hand. This involves reading the mold inspection report, determining the level of mold damage, assembling all tools and equipment needed for the task, etc.

Setting Up the Area

Places infested with mold are considered biohazards. If the cleaning process is not handled professionally, it can further spread mold. Mold can release its spores in the air that quickly spreads to other rooms.

Our team will seal off the affected area from the rest of the property before the actual mold removal process.

We usually do this during the weekends for office buildings when you are not at work or on weekdays for residential property.

Exposing Affected Surfaces

Mold can colonize tight corners, attics, basements, laundry rooms, or other damp surfaces. They may be hidden between the wall and paint coat or under the floor carpet, but our team exposes them to the treatment.

Treating the Mold

The mold treatment involves scrubbing the affected surfaces with eco-friendly mold remediation chemicals. The building may require spraying to destroy mold spores in the air, but that depends on the mold testing report.

Final Touches

Mold remediation can leave the rooms in disarray. So, our final touches include drying up the surfaces and testing the air quality and surfaces once again to ensure mold are eradicated. Your house should be clean and safe when we hand over the key to you!

Mold Remediation Services in Silver Spring

Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Silver Spring is licensed for mold remediation serving home and commercial property owners. We have a team of mold specialists with experience in getting rid of mold.

Reach out if you want mold removal services at the best rate. We are on standby and ready to respond to your calls or questions at 301-768-4503.

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